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Monday, October 15, 2007

So, is Microsoft dictating what is used in YOUR schools? Note the following quote:

"While there is no technical issue, the school board will not allow non-Microsoft software to be installed. Like many school boards, they are underfunded, and Microsoft donates a lot of the computer equipment on the sole condition that non-Microsoft software be barred from these machines.

Is MS dictating what is used/taught in your schools? How much in licensing fees, upgrade fees, maintenance fees, etc. are being paid to MS for this 'donated' equipment? Funny, any board/politician I have contacted doesn't know how many millions of dollars have been sent (via fees, contracts, etc.) to M$ for these 'donations'( I'd called them trojans...;-). MS is PREVENTING your children from learning about alternatives, putting your children at a disadvantage. And appallingly, with the consent of board officials, politicians, etc. Software banning, the new form of 'book banning', brought to you courtesy of MS and your local school board bureaucrats. Please contact your officials today.

And here is an additional indication of the corruption, incompetence and waste of taxpayers money in education: Microsoft requires you to pay a license fee, even if you are not using Microsoft software!? How many millions have been wasted on this by bungling politicians/bureaucrats?