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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here's an interesting post about problems in U.S. education, related to 'new' philosophies being pushed into schools. Unfortunately, I've seen PRECISELY the same kind of lack of accountability and transparency, etc. in Canadian (supposedly public) schools, "venture philanthropy", "volunteer tourism (e.g. trips to Africa to (half) build schools, for a handful of (usually elite) students (from donations from poor students), but lots of time for visits to animal reserves, safaris, etc. are allocated huge sums of money(with ZERO accountability/transparency), while needy children/programs are left wanting, shutdown, etc. Sometimes known as philanthrocapitalism...catchy, eh? Quite frankly, it is appalling that children on reserves are living in unbelievable conditions, and ignored, while programs to send a 'small group of students to third world countries to tour (but using the excuse 'we're building a school, etc.' is an example of these unaccountable practices.