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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Interesting new post by "Ralph":

For those wishing to eventually move to Linux and still keeping Windows for the present. Dual boot is the ideal migration step.

At the ,...dual boot is pretty common and they get frequent questions on what is needed for dual boot.

Whats new in the the open source front? A lot. Government agencies throughout the world have adopted open source migration and mandates. Countries who have been migrating to Linux include.

Who has begun the migration?

Japanese Schools May Switch to Linux (400,000 of them),...Brazil is next,...12,500 Indian high schools move to Linux,..Taiwan mandates Linux ready PC's,..Calif. school district aims 5,000 desktops at Linux,..Venezuelan government 700 HP PCs with Ubuntu and 150 IBM Laptops with Kubuntu,...NYSE undertakes IBM mainframe migration to Unix and Linux,...San Diego Unified School District selects SUSE Linux Enterprise,....Forty percent of German university students now have access to Linux,.....Athens Michigan Schools to Linux,....Bexley City district all computers to Linux by 2010,....

There is more......

Just recently, The Philippines has adopted Linux to be in 23,000 of its school computers. While 23,000 is a lot of computers that pales in comparison with the next story.

Joining the mass defection to Linux is Russia,and by 2009 three of its regions will be all Linux and the rest will be all Linux by the following year. Thats a lot of school computers.

Were still not finished....

South America is picking up Linux,..The French Police is moving to Linux,..The U.S. Army is moving to Linux,...City of Munich moved to Linux and the Netherlands is moving to Linux,..Australia moving to Open source,...San Fransisco Bay Area schools move to Linux,..South Africa moving to Linux (Would save them $352 millions in license fees)

While Microsoft has been trying to have users migrate to Vista, many government agencies begun to migrate from Windows altogether.

"A Monoply Shakes" is a interesting title, it should be more like "The Dynasty Collapses"... End of Slashdot post.