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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The largest school board in Canada, the Toronto District School Board, has a third world ratio of 10 students to 1 computer, while 3rd world countries are rapidly moving to 1 to 1, yes, a computer for every student. And check out Brazil, which has the LARGEST deployment of linux computers in education in the world: (324,000! compared to the mere 60,000 in the TDSB), and a Canadian company, is involved! Or how about Uruguay? Yes, Uruguay has given EVERY elementary school student in every school, in every district, in the ENTIRE country, a linux laptop! And now they are expanding the program to provide EVERY high school student in the ENTIRE country with a laptop. Meanwhile, in incompetent, illiterate Toronto, having wasted millions with little to show for it, students have to fight for access to a computer...sigh...