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Friday, July 07, 2006

Philosophically speaking, every teacher takes ownership of the course(s) that they teach. Regardless of what I or any other teacher teaches, whether it is computers, ESL, science, language, history, etc., the ultimate goal is to help expand the experiences of students, to broaden their skills and knowledge base. Exposure to new ideas, new ways of thinking, that students may use to compare and decide on their own, is fundamental to what I and many other teachers try to do. Analysis of facts, debate, opinions, systems, etc. leads to improvements, choice, options, alternatives, etc. Much like political choice, democratic systems, etc. For all of these above reasons and more, I believe that linux systems should be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hence, I believe that when a teacher is willing to provide these oppportunities and experiences for students, these kinds of initiatives should be supported.
I welcome comments, suggestions, etc. from anyone interested in these ideas.