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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So, like, I did the's an article that says a typical US government dept., the U.S. ATF agency has signed a 2 year contract for $68 million for 7,000 Windows XP desktops. This works out to more than $9000 (almost 10 thousand) per computer!!!??! Worse yet, they may be 'forced' by MS to 'upgrade'. Heck, at that price, why not just buy everyone at new computer every year (or six months)!? (And buy a couple more for your local school/hospital, etc.?) I wonder how many boondoogles we have like this in Canadian/Ontario governments? But hey, there's no money for schools, education, hospitals, medical care, etc. Geez, now I don't have to wonder why. And want to know how we could save millions on health care, or divert millions to better health care? Check out this site on a regular basis: LinuxMedNews