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Monday, September 11, 2006

Well, another 12,000 linux computers in 1,200 public schools, this time in the Phillipines, reported today. It is becoming so routine in schools (except Toronto...sigh), I may start collecting articles about how businesses are also switching, just to add variety :-). Why heck, even police departments (and this one, and this one, and...well, you get the idea :-)) are seeing the light.:-) The list in business and government (examples) is also huge and expanding rapidly.:-) Oh well, just take a look at this sample 16 PAGES of migrations to linux! :-) How about banks? (or this one, or this one, etc. :-)) Or in medicine? How about MRI machines in hospitals? Or stock markets or this one in New Zealand (with response times reduced 94%! and queries 600 times faster than previously! ?) or the New York Stock Exchange or during the Sept. 11 emergency? or Chicago Mercantile Exchange? Got a cell phone? Or during hurricanes, New Orleans, for example? Or tsunamis?
If you hear the time worn excuse of 'nobody uses it', or it's 'not secure', or any of the other innumerable myths about linux, a little bit of googling will demonstrate that it is rapidly expanding everywhere (except Toronto schools...Toronto businesses, yes,... schools, no...hmmm...wouldn't want students to learn about that 'linux stuff' now would we...wonder why that is...) Ignore the myths and find out what you are missing...:-)