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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A big thank you to Robert Littlejohn who sent me the following link about linux in schools:costs, etc.. As well, while answering a question about other linux migrations, etc. in Canada, there are some other interesting Canadian linux success stories from a 2004 conference, including Toronto City Hall, Calgary City Hall, etc. Here's the pdf version
And as for public libraries, and school libraries, I find the Userful (linux based, Canadian company) system to be superior to the systems in Toronto public libraries, Toronto public schools, etc. (which are MS based and require a card/ID number. Without a card, you are given much less access. Discriminatory access against visitors to Toronto, etc.) Some Canadian case studies of this linux based system can be found here With just 3 clicks, no login required, I can be surfing the net, emailing, etc., using this linux system. Also, far more environmentally friendly than the thousands of individual MS boxes in schools and libraries. Far less hassle and better, equal access.