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Monday, August 28, 2006

Over 1,600 schools in Chile have switched, 80,000 GNU/linux computers in Extremudura, Spain (66,000 in schools), 22,000 GNU/linux computers in Indiana schools, 10,000 schools in South Korea, or how about these schools in Italy changing from XP to GNU/Linux? oh, heck, just take a look at this list of various universities, schools, etc. around the world (Africa, France, England, New Zealand, get the picture :-) 150,000 GNU/linux computers in China's schools, other innumerable examples include Macedonia has switched 5000 computers in over 400 schools and over 180 computer labs to linux. and now 12,500 SCHOOLS have switched to GNU/linux in the state of Kerala, India! (e.g.Linux is a low-cost, open source software, unlike the more expensive Windows. “By 2008, 56,000 schoolteachers in the state will be trained in Linux and students in the 2,650 government and government-aided high schools will be taught the open-source code software,” said Shankaran Nair, director of IT@school, responsible for promoting IT education in schools) And then there are all of the schools in the following states of India: By throwing out Microsoft from high school desktops, Kerala is following the footsteps of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Goa, West Bengal, and Delhi, who are also in the thick of bringing Linux to schools.
In MP, nearly 2,600 primary schools are given computers with a Hindi language interface on Linux platforms. Rajasthan is already pushing it in 4,000 schools.
.Then of course, there is the Children's Computer project, with Brazil gearing up for ONE MILLION GNU/linux laptops, (as well as Thailand, and other countries) . And this article about a top UK school using GNU/linux. And then, of course, there is Quebec, far ahead of Ontario...Meanwhile, back in Toronto, I believe there are 3 schools, (out of about 500) partially using GNU/linux (and a 10 students to 1 computer ratio, due to the use of overpriced software!) about lack of leadership in the Toronto schools...why are Canadian children being left out in the world of global education? A travesty to the education of Canadian students.