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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The largest stock market on earth is moving to linux, entrusting $140 billion-a-day business to linux! :-) And ASUS motherboards (shipping about 1.1 million motherboards a month) will soon ALL include linux (instant start Splashtop)! :-)
Incidentally, about 300 million devices a year are shipped with linux...are YOUR students prepared for this?
And on a more interesting note, this site will keep you well-informed about M$ intentions for future enslavement, etc. It's unfortunate that many still insist on using M$ junk. Seems I'm not alone in suggesting that people should change to linux...:-) One wonders how many millions of tax dollars could have been better spent on educating our children, and how many millions more continue to be wasted. Want some examples of how switching to linux saves millions? Just google "savings using linux". Here's a sample of saving taxpayers millions. Meanwhile, back in Canada, the waste continues...sigh...