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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nice blog about how linux continues to improve and win more users. And includes an awesome video of the abilities of Compiz Fusion (requires a relatively advanced video system) But don't let that stop you from using linux (i.e. throw out those stereotypes and give it a try). I use a KDE desktop (usually) and it does EVERYTHING I want to do just fine, thank you very much! :-)

And of course, in addition to running the most powerful computers on the planet (check out all of the top 500 computers in the world run on linux...hmmm...does that tell you anything? ;-)) And now one of the world's most impressive projects, the CERN LHC runs linux in a massive network, (much like Google, I assume :-)). CERN, by the way, is where the Web (that you are using to read this...! :-)) was invented! :-)