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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well, seems that more people are learning about how Microsoft has turned millions into addicts. Are you one of them? And as an educator, I hear all the usual propaganda that teachers and students have been programmed to spout all the time, unfortunately. It's unfortunate that so few people are able to think for themselves, instead of just repeating/parroting what they've been told to think/say. Fortunately, there is hope, as one can see here...make sure you read the comments! Many are about schools who have switched to linux, and some of the comments are even written by enlightened school principals?!! I'm shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED! :-) Oh, wait, none of them are in Ontario...sigh... Well, as one commenter submitted, good luck for your students if they want a job in Europe in the future...all are going linux, etc. Yep, the corrupt and ignorant 'leaders' here in Ontario, Ottawa, etc. continue to send millions in tax dollars to one of the world's largest companies, and continue depriving our students of a GENUINE education, rather than dumbed-down addiction to junk.