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Thursday, June 19, 2008

YASD (Yet Another School District) has seen the light and switched to linux! :-) Over 9,000 computers in all schools in Geneva, Switzerland are changing to Ubuntu, Open Office, etc. And saving hundreds of thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR by doing so, etc. Or how about this very large school district, San Diego, empowering ALL of its students (i.e. one computer to one student ratio) using linux? Or how about the state of Indiana, which is ALSO moving to a one to one ratio for all of its students, using linux? Even Macedonia is providing a one to one computer ratio to equip ALL of their students for the future. Well, the list of changes and schools that are providing a state-of-the-art education for their students is constantly growing. It's clear that some schools and administrations clearly have done their homework and are providing the best educational experience for ALL of their students, preparing them for the future, able to work anywhere in the world, able to use linux computers anywhere in the world, anytime, any language, etc. How about YOUR schools? Unfortuately, Ontario students are falling far, far behind, due to lack of access, etc.