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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

YASUL! (Yet Another School Using Linux! :-) Here's a forward looking school moving to linux, providing it for ALL of their students and preparing them well for the future! And are you the unfortunate victim of poor CIO/management? ;-) And are you STILL a slave to MS, who continues to dictate what you will use, when you will use it, how you will use it, etc.? Yes, MS has dictated that XP will no longer be sold, supported, (if you call outrageous prices for buggy software 'support', etc.), whether you like it or not. Well, you know what course you need to take to freedom! ;-) And here is an excellent article published today about the difference between Sir Bill and Sir Tim. Hats off to Sir Tim! :-) Finally, in honour (I jest, of course! ;-)) of Sir Bill, I'd like to recommend this cartoon.