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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is unfortunate that so many so-called 'educators' have the mentality of the Inquisition (or perhaps the Salem Witch Hunts, etc.). However, that indeed seems to be the case, as pointed out by this recent event. Is this happening in your schools? Are your children being denied opportunity due to either corrupt lobbyists or ignorant administrators? However, if you read the comments on this story, (and I encourage you to do so), you will be heartened to see comments by many schools who are using linux. Let's hope it continues to spread and shine the light of freedom and knowledge everywhere.
And indeed it is. Now here is a very progressive school system, that is providing the best possible computer education for their students...a one to one ratio! That's right, one computer for every every the entire state...and all running on LINUX! Here's a recent conference about it, that gives some numbers for you. :-) It's called the InAcess project, by the Department of Education of the state of Indiana. Demonstrates the incredible waste going on in Canadian schools.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Sometimes, I'm asked why I only use linux. There are a large number of answers to this question, but perhaps this article sums up a few of them. I use a computer as a tool. I use software(tools) that do what I require, without restrictions, I require access to the complete instructions, (source code) should I choose to change/improve the software, etc. I.e., I love freedom to do what I want to do. I'm not interested in being a POW (Prisoner of Windows ;-)). And I love diversity and choice...;-) Hopefully, we can continue to free the people! :-) And final news tidbit for today: here are some students using Blender (3d modelling/animation software:checkout 'adults' complain that it is too hard...well look at these ELEMENTARY school students using it without any problems! ;-) Just more examples of open minds (versus closed) in education. :-)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Well, seems IE has slipped below 70% now, for the first time since stats have been kept on this sort of thing. Perhaps the internet will grow more stable with less people using this badly designed browser. We can only hope that word spreads. And of course, more and more people are learning about linux as well! :-) And here is a great summary of what is wrong with the internet...Microsoft et al.! :-) And YAGOL (yet another group of (school) libraries) has switched to linux/open source, etc.!